MY STROLLER SOLUTION and the LESSEE , identified and qualified in the reservation registration, agree with each other the conditions below that govern the provision of product and equipment rental service:

Clause 1 - TERM OF USE

1.1. This contract grants the LESSEE the right to lease on the MY STROLLER SOLUTION website, for a minimum period of 4 (four) to a maximum period of 31 (thirty-one) days, of one or several products simultaneously. The lease values are differentiated and organized with the image of the products on the website

1.1.1. This contract does not deal with the purchase and sale of a product and MY STROLLER SOLUTION continues to be the sole owner of all products made available for rent. The LESSEE acknowledges that the equipment must be for personal use only. By consenting to the terms and conditions of this lease, the LESSEE who is of legal age and fully capable, acknowledges that he has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions described below.

1.2. The provision of the service object of this contract is restricted to the Orlando region and surroundings, Florida as informed on the website. It will be up to the LESSEE to check if the place of their accommodation is located in the locations where the services are provided.

1.3. MY STROLLER SOLUTION reserves the right not to make deliveries to some addresses within the covered area and in this case, the LESSEE will be notified through their contacts informed in their registration. In this case, the amount paid will be 100% refunded.

1.4. MY STROLLER SOLUTION makes deliveries and collections upon prior reservation and scheduling.

1.5. MY STROLLER SOLUTION advises the LESSEE of its right to change any condition of these Terms of Use at its sole discretion at any time. The current version of this document will be available on the website, in the Terms of Use section. Continuing to use the contracted service will imply acceptance of any changes by MY STROLLER SOLUTION.


2.1. To contract the product rental service, the LESSEE must complete the reservation registration on the website The LESSEE hereby declares that the data informed in the registration are entirely true and undertakes to update them whenever there is any change in the information.

2.2. MY STROLLER SOLUTION is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the LESSEES' information and not to disclose their registration data to third parties. Only when this information is necessary for the billing process or to participate in promotions, which is already authorized by the LESSEE.

2.3. When requesting the first lease, the LESSEE will undergo a cadastral analysis, in order to confirm the data provided for its own security.

2.4. The LESSEE will browse the site, add the products they want to rent and choose the period they would like to stay with each one of them.

2.4.1. Once the desired products have been added to the cart, the LESSEE must complete the order and make the payment, via credit/debit card.

2.5. At the time of booking, RENTER will specify the name and address of the Orlando area resort, hotel or vacation home where the product(s) will be delivered and subsequently collected.

2.6. In the event of unavailability of one or more leased products, for any reason, MY STROLLER SOLUTION will allow the LESSEE to choose to be refunded 100% of the value of the unavailable products or replace them with other products of the same value.

2.7. In case of cancellation of the lease communicated with at least 7 working days before the delivery of the products, the return of the amount paid will be made through a chargeback with the operator of the card used by the LESSEE, the amount being returned as a form of credit on your next invoice. If payment cannot be reversed with the operators responsible for intermediating the payment, MY STROLLER SOLUTION reserves the right to deduct the fees charged by financial institutions and credit card operators and will reimburse the amount within 30 (thirty) business days. If there is no communication of withdrawal from the lease with a minimum term of 7 working days, MY STROLLER SOLUTION will charge a fine of US$ 35.00.

Clause 3 - DELIVERY

3.1. Delivery will be made at the place and day indicated in the reservation made on our website.

3.1.1. MY STROLLER SOLUTION will be delivered by hand to the LESSEE, at the reception of the resort, hotel or rental house.

3.1.2. MY STROLLER SOLUTION will deliver on the day indicated by the LESSEE in their reservation request until 11 am.

3.1.3. If the LESSEE needs to receive at a specific time, he must contact MY STROLLER SOLUTION who will verify the possibility of meeting such request.

3.2. The LESSEE declares to agree that all deliveries are made within a predetermined time interval and that any delays due to traffic or reasons of force majeure may occur.

3.3. MY STROLLER SOLUTION may reschedule the delivery date and time due to extreme situations such as hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains, tornado warnings and wind speeds from 25 mph.

3.4. If it is not possible to carry out the delivery due to refusal of receipt at the location indicated by the LESSEE and it is necessary to carry out a second delivery trip, a fee of US$ 20.00 will be charged.

3.5. MY STROLLER SOLUTION undertakes to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes to deliver the rented products, in the event that it has to be delivered by hand or delivery by hand has been previously agreed. If delivery is not possible and a second delivery trip is necessary, a fee of US$ 20.00 will be charged.


4.1. MY STROLLER SOLUTION is not responsible for the incorrect use of the products and they must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and under adult supervision at all times.

4.2. The LESSEE is entirely responsible for the custody of the products. Items improperly left in parks or inappropriate locations will be considered abandoned and an additional fee of US$30.00 will be charged for their recovery. If it is impossible to recover the abandoned items, replacement value will be charged and charged to the LESSEE's credit card.

4.3. Products must be returned entirely clean, that is, free of ink, slime, body fluids, food or other dirt incompatible with regular use, under penalty of a fine of $35.00 per dirty product.

Clause 5 - INSURANCE

5.1. MY STROLLER SOLUTION offers insurance against theft, theft and small damages. The contracting is optional and must be carried out at the time of leasing the products.

5.1.1. Taking out insurance after delivery of the rented items will not be allowed.

5.1.2. The insurance amount is non-refundable.

5.2. The insurance covers: scratches on the structure, flat tires, small dents in the frame, in addition to theft and robbery (upon police occurrence).

5.3. Insurance does not cover:

5.3.1. Abandonment of the rented product(s) by the LESSEE during the lease period.

5.3.2. The delay of more than 2 hours on the part of the LESSEE to notify the Park's SECURITY and MY STROLLER SOLUTION, about the theft or loss of the rented item(s).

5.3.3. Stains from sunscreens, body fluids such as urine, vomit and feces, creams, hair spray, pens, markers and slime.

5.3.4. The insurance does not cover abandonment of items in parks, public places or outside the previously agreed location, nor damages caused by misuse of the items.

5.4. The LESSEE, in the situation of not contracting the insurance, declares to be aware that the value of the purchase of new items to replace the stolen or stolen products will be debited from their credit card.

5.4.1. In the event of repairable damage, the LESSEE's credit card will be charged for the repair or replacement of a part.

5.5. The LESSEE must present a record of the occurrence of the loss or theft prepared by the security of the parks or the police record when it occurs outside the parks to activate the insurance.


6.1. The rented products will be collected on the lease expiration date, at the same delivery address, unless otherwise stated at the time of the lease.

6.1.1. The LESSEE must make the rented products available until 10 am on the day indicated as the end date of the lease. MY STROLLER SOLUTION collects from 10 am on the day indicated by the LESSEE as the end date of the lease.

6.1.2. In the event that it is not possible to carry out the collection at the location indicated by the LESSEE and it is necessary to carry out a second delivery trip, a fee of US$ 20.00 will be charged.

6.2. RENTER shall ensure that all rental items are available for collection at the designated resort, hotel or vacation home on the date specified in the reservation. For resorts with protocol, this must be sent via the WhatsApp app at +1 (689) 287-9027. All rental items must be returned to the home entrance or to the resort or hotel registration desk listed in the confirmation email. Rental items left in rooms will incur a $50.00 recovery fee. The LESSEE is 100% responsible for the availability of the items at the reception for collection at the time intended for the end of the contract. Rental items being returned from vacation homes, we recommend scheduling via WhatsApp message app for pick-up.


7.1. The LESSEE is responsible for damages to the products during the period in which they are in their possession, agreeing if there is damage, destruction, loss or total unusability of the same, to pay the total value of the replacement or replacement of any rented item in cases that such damages are not covered by insurance (if there is such a contract).

7.1.1. The LESSEE agrees to authorize the debit to its credit card the total value of the replacement or replacement of any rented item in the situation of clause 7.1.


8.1. Payment must be made at the time of booking the rented products, by credit card. The billing data used will be the same as those informed by the LESSEE at the time of contracting, unless later modified.

8.2. The Rent will become effective only after confirmation of payment. Products will only be delivered after payment confirmation.


9.1. TENANTS who, of their own free will, send photos and videos of children and babies playing with products rented from MY STROLLER SOLUTION, agree and authorize all copyright use of the image by MY STROLLER SOLUTION for the dissemination of our products and services on the networks. social, even for commercial purposes.

9.2. Discount codes provided by MY STROLLER SOLUTION and/or partners are not cumulative.